Nagasawa Sohki

I am Rugby Mountaineer

Since 2017.3.9

We will be held  Rugby World Cup in Japan at 2019.

I am going around the world as a rugby mountaineer and playing the role of connecting world rugby fans and Japanese rugby culture.


To Climb and try on the highest peak of the country that participated in the Rugby World Cup and do the world's first adventure.


To give new value to Asia's first rugby World Cup , putting myself in powder and my lives on one of the Japanese rugby fans.

In 2015 the Japanese delegation surprised the world at the World Cup of Rugby in England.

This time I am amazed to surprise the world. 

​Rugby Mountain Map

I act as though Webb Ellis picked up the ball and ran with it during a school football match in 1823 and something good would be born if I go around the world with a rugby ball

This project is born from the emblem of the rugby world cup at Japan.


This project is the world's first adventure.


During this project I will archive the 25 world's first . 

#World Try Project 3

​2017/12 Restart Up


#1 2017.3.9 Portugal (# 25,1st)Torre 1,993m 1min TRY

#2 2017.3.15 Spain (#19,1st) Mulhacen 3,497m 520min TRY

#3 2017.4.5  England (#2,FULL) Scafell Pike 978m 210min TRY

#4 2017.4.7 Wales (#7,FULL) Snowdon 1,085m 150min TRY

#5 2017.4.9 Scotland (#6,FULL) Ben Nevis 1,345m 230min TRY

#6 2017.4.11 Ireland (#4,FULL) Carrauntoohil 1,038m 200min TRY

#7 2017.7.31 Romania (#15,FULL) Moldovan Peak 2,544m 860min TRY

#8 2017.8.22 France (#8,FULL) Mont Blanc 4,810m 2,100min TRY

#9 2017.8.22 Italy (#14,FULL) Mont Blanc 4,810m 2,100min TRY

#10 2018.1.16 Argentina (#10,FULL) Aconcagua 6,961m 28,800min TRY

#11 2018.2.1 Uruguay (#18,3rd) Cerro Catedral 514m 180min TRY

#12 2018.9.16 Namibia (#21,5th) Brandberg Mountain 2,606m 1,500min TRY

#13 2018.9.23 South Africa (#5,FULL) Mafadi 3,450m 2,970min TRY

#14 2018.9.29  Zimbabwe (#46,2nd) Mount Nyangani 2,592m 90min TRY

#15 2018.10.13  Cote d'Ivoire (#52,1st) Mount Nimba 1,752m 4,620min TRY

#16 2018.12.16 New Zealand (#1,FULL) Mount Cook 3,724m 1,215min TRY

#17 2019.1 Fiji (#9,7th) Mount Tomanivi 1,324m 120min TRY

#18 2019.1 Samoa (#16,7th) Mauga Silisili 1,857m 250min TRY

#19 2019.1 Tonga (#13,7th) Kao Island 1,033m 2,440 min TRY

#20 2018.12 Australia (#3,FULL) Mount Kosciuszko 2,228m 200 min TRY

#21 2019.6 Canada (#24,FULL) Mount Logan 5,959m Failed:Save teammates with altitude sickness at 4,700m

→ Mount Robson ( The highest point in the Canadian Rockies ) 3,954m Failed:Bad weather

→ Queen Elizabeth Park ( The highest point in Vancouver city ): 167m 45 min TRY

#22 2018.6 America (#17,7th) Denali 6,194m 30,240 min TRY

#23 2019.7 Georgia (#12,4th) Mount Kazbek 5,033m 5,760 min TRY

#24 2019.7 Russia (#20,1st) Elbrus 5,642m 7,200 min TRY

Future match

#25  2019.8 Japan Mount Fuji (#11,FULL) 3,776m

※ 2017.10 IRB Ranking

※ Yellow means the mountain of the world's seventh largest continent

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​Japanese News
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